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Plant a Faerie and magick will grow...

My name is Amy and I'm a life long faerie believer.  My Etsy shop has something for believers of all ages, and even entices those who never considered themselves believers.

I started making my flower faeries in about 2003.  I would keep one in my purse, pin one to my shirt, hand them off to strangers, and give them as gifts.  Then my life went through the usual changes, new crafts were learned, new interests arose, and I forgot about them.

In November of 2012, my daughter, Sofie (then 3 years old) was looking through a stack of books at my father's house and she found one of my flower faeries!  It had been a decade since I had seen one.  This beautiful sign was delivered to us (my daughter and I) on the wings of an angel (or perhaps an actual faerie).

I started making them again, handing them off to people and giving them as gifts once again, and even making trades with other artists and believers across the country.  One of our favorite past times is leaving them in nature, in hopes that a stranger spots them, and my faeries will awaken the magic within their hearts.

Since starting my Etsy journey I have watched my creations blossom.   Now my biggest sellers are my stunning Original Design Crystal Butterfly Ornaments.  I used to be the "Faerie Lady", but to some I am now the "Butterfly Lady"!  (natural metamorphosis!)  I even make gorgeous faerie wing jewelry!

Etsy Shop and Custom Order Gifts

I specialize in custom order faerie figurines and offer a number of original wing styles for you to choose from.  Take a moment to look at the many 5 star reviews in my Etsy shop.  I am known for my attention to detail and the amount of care I put into each one of my custom order faerie figurines.  

My Etsy shop is also stocked with many ready-to-ship items.  The link to my shop is at the top of this page, as well as the links to my social media sites.  Stop by and say hi, it's always a magical time!

Correspondence and Transactions

If you are interested in a custom order faerie figurine, please message me via Etsy.  The price depends on the size of the item and all the details and materials that I will be using.  I require full payment upfront, including the shipping charge.  I allow myself 2 weeks to complete each custom order.  All transactions must be placed via Etsy.  For complete shop policies, please see my Etsy shop.

Original Faerie Wing Jewelry

Bold and Bright

My Faerie Wing Charm Necklaces are stunning and are sure to turn heads.

Just a Touch of Whimsy

My long faerie wing necklaces are perfect for everyday outfits.

Each piece is made with loving intention.

Original Design Crystal Butterflies


Choose your favorite wing color!


Choose your favorite crystal for the body!

Luna Moths

These are my best sellers, you won't find them anywhere else.

Original Wing Styles by Faerie Blessings

Here is a gallery of my many wing styles for you to choose from when designing your own Custom Order Faerie figurine or ornament.  I have over 20 prismatic wing colors to choose from.  Select wing styles can be made with holes burned into them for an extra whimsical look.   


"Very fast shipping and customer service was amazing. Amy also gave great suggestions and everything turned out beautifully. My earrings and butterfly are even more beautiful than I imagined them to be. Everything exceeded my expectations, wonderful experience overall." T.S

"Very pretty. Shop owner is sweet to work with. I think she really is a fairy! She had the butterflies packaged nicely. The business card and thank you card that you get with your order is a must see. I will order again from her site."  K.S.

"I absolutely adore this royal purple flower Faerie figurine art doll!!! This Faerie is precious! Her flower dress is beautiful; the layers of petals are so pretty!!! I love her monochromatic purple bead crown and her purple shoes! Her double wings are gorgeous!!! Her wand is beautiful! I like how you used an amethyst stone in it and used them in her base!!! I LOVE HER! I can wait to display her with all my other Faerie dolls that you have made me!!! Your artistry is Ahhmazing! Absolutely incredible!!! Spectacular! I am running out of words to describe your talent!!! She was packaged really well, and she arrived quickly. It was a pleasure doing business with you, again and again and again, Amy!" A.D.

Delmonico Photography

Professional Photos of my daughter and myself by Delmonico Photography


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My Etsy shop is always open, feel free to shop at your convenience.  Link to my shop is at the top of this page.  Below you will see my business hours.  If you have any questions, I will get back to you during these times.

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